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Zoe Wai Tam SM131 L3

Zoe Wai Tam

SM131 L3


March 4th,2014

Melanie’sa leading hair stylist at a popular salon decides to have her headclean shaved in show of support for women with cancer. This decisiondid not go well with her employer, Kristin. Kristin pushes Cindy themanager of the salon to take drastic measures against Melanie. Cindyis in a dilemma as according to her Melanie’s act was courageousand for a good course. Bentham’s utilitarianism argues that ouractions should be judged not by their means, but the consequencesthey produce (Slide). In addition, we should balance between thebenefits and harm that our actions will produce (Jennings). Ouractions should be directed not only for the greatest good, but alsoto the least harm. Thus, according to Bentham’s utilitarian theory,Cindy should not fire Melanie as Melanie’s actions will benefit thegreatest majority such as the salon and the community.

Cindyshould not fire Melanie as this would not benefit the salon accordingto utilitarianism. Showing support for women with cancer will have apositive influence on the salon as women are the main clientele forthe business. Though indirect, not firing Melanie will mean morewomen will get treated in the future, which will help women recoverand the salon can have more customers. Firing Melanie will negativelyimpact the salon as this will be a selfish move that has no greatestgood for the greatest majority, as argued by Bentham’sutilitarianism (Slide).

Cindyis acting for the wellbeing of the community, as advocated byutilitarianism theory. Melanie’s action to have her head‘Buzzed-Off’ to show her support not only to her sister who hascancer, but also to millions of women globally affected by thedisease. By supporting cancer research, Melanie’s actions willensure women will have access to cancer treatment. By not firingMelanie, Cindy will be portraying her support to this noble course.

Conclusively,Cindy is in a dilemma to fire or not fire Melanie for her decision toget her head clean shaved. According utilitarianism greatest good forthe greatest number (Slide), Cindy should not fire Melanie asMelanie’s actions are beneficial to the salon. In addition, Cindywill have supported Melanie’s course which has great benefit forthe community. By supporting Melanie, Cindy’s action will beethically right to the salon and the community based on Bentham’sutilitarianism. Hence she should not fire Melanie, despite her boss’spressure.