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Watergate crime




TheWatergate scandal can be described as one of the most famous burglaryevent in the history of the American political arena. The scandalinvolved a break in at the Democratic Party National Committeeheadquarters, which were located at the Watergate complex. It isvital to point out that the scandal derived its name from the complex(Olson, 2003). The break-in occurred in June of 1972 during thepresidency of Nixon. The scandal gained fame since it was allegedthat Nixon’s administration was involved, but it was covering upits involvement. It is fundamental to note that the five men whobroke into the Watergate complex were caught red handed (Olson,2003). After a series of investigations on the break-in, 43 peoplewere incarcerated, a majority of whom were officials at Nixon’sadministration. The scandal later led to the near impeachment ofPresident Nixon, but he resigned before. Notable is the fact that thescandal led to a resignation of the first ever president of the US toresign (Olson, 2003).

Itis clear that President Nixon had been found culpable and had directconnection with the break-in. his impeachment was in no doubt that itwas meant to succeed. It is also apparent that the Nixon should havebeen impeached. The court found out that he was abusing his officeand was also covering up any material that would have connected hisadministration to the scandal, such as the tape recordings (Olson,2003).

Inthe words of Gene Roberts, the former managing editor at The New YorkTimes, the investigative work of Woodward and Bernstein can bedescribed as “the single greatest reporting effort of all time”(Olson, 2003). It is therefore, evident that the work of the twoinvestigative journalists helped to unearth the corrupt tricks of theNixon administration. The journalists deserve credit since they werethe first ones who linked the scandal with President Nixon. Theydiscovered that that there was an illegal or a laundered check thathelped connect the President to the break-in (Olson, 2003).


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