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Validity of information and Privacy in the internet


Validity ofinformation and Privacy in the internet

Why do we needprivacy?

The internet and the World Wide Web (www) are the greatest threat toprivacy in modern times. Personal information chats, email, healthrecords, web history among others can be intercepted by unauthorizedthird parties. This information is supposed to remain private unlessindividuals willingly choose to share it. Privacy helps protect ourinner self and make us feel whole away from prying eyes. I believethat being private is innate and also rational. It can be observed inyoung children who are adamant about their toys with some refusing toshare. It is a belief what is mine is mine. Watching privately orscouring for information which is personal contravenes this.

Is researchbetter off because of the Internet?

Research has beenphenomenally simplified by the internet and www. Virtual librariesare now a reality and searching for books and scholarly articles isvery easy. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have maderesearch considerably easy. The need to search through alleys ofbooks in libraries has been eliminated. Even this current researchutilized the internet by sourcing a video feed via Youtube and anarticle from the Harvard review website. However, the credibility andreliability of data and information contained in the internet cannotbe guaranteed hence researcher need to careful.

Should wetrust sites that SEEM &quotcredible?&quot

Some websites andblogs that purport to provide truthful information can be misleading.Therefore for research purposes, researchers have to vet theorganizations or authority of individuals who present various formsof information and data on the internet. Scholarly articles fromrecognized journals and government of education websites arerecommended for students doing research on the internet. Furtherinformation from various websites should be compared to check forconsistency.

Specific waysyou have learned to filter out the good information from the bad?

For research, I search information from recognized government bodies,professional bodies or official organizational websites. Internationally recognized bodies such as World Bank, IMF, WHO,UNESCO among others provide genuine information. For scholarlymaterials, I prefer using the online school library or Google scholarin addition to other databases such as Proquest, EBSCOHOST. Somelearning institutions also publish publicly available informatione.g. Stanford and Harvard. Any valid educational website hosted by alearning institution should contain ‘edu’ in its URL.