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Use of IT and Social Media in HRM 5


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Useof IT and Social Media in HRM

Themanagement function has been greatly impacted by the currentdevelopments in technology. Of all the management functions,management of human resources has been the most effective in the useof IT and social media. The most significant beneficiaries of IT andsocial media in HR include recruitment of the right people, channels,advertisement, e-recruitment and internship.

IThas enabled effective recruitment of the right people who are fit toserve in the organization especially where technology is required.Technology and social media has made communication easy that helpsidentify people’s profiles and potentials before hiring (Clark &ampRoberts, 2010). However, many managers face the challenge of whetherto higher new tech-savvy young people with no management experienceor stick to the experienced old guards.

Inregard to advertising, social media and IT has presented newfrontiers that challenge the conventional methods. Onone hand, businesses are considering the ethical concerns ofinvesting in social media advertising and blogging by evaluatingtheir position in terms of business standards and ethics. Socialmedia and blogging is not conventional journalists and may be viewedas just online infomercial promotion. On the other hand, social mediais presenting excellent results in attracting customers compared toother methods of advertising and marketing. This invokes the concernof investing cash in services that are not ethical enough from theperspectives of business standards (Lawrence &amp Weber, 2005).

ITand social media has been instrumental in introducing new channelsfor the management to engage with the employees (Tiernie,2007).Many organizations have installed instant messaging in their computersystems for communication both in-house and outdoor communication.This has led to the closure of the gap between the management and theemployees (Isaacson &amp Peacey, 2012). However, not many managersare familiar with the new technology communication platforms.

E-recruitmenthas offered new platforms of selecting employees without applyingpaper work or establishing costly interviewing procedures. Through ITcompanies have also been able to establish ready databanks ofpotential employees in their databases. In addition, social media aree-recruitment has been instrumental recruitment by establishingcompany profiles, advertising for jobs, posting application links andalso evaluating prospective employees through their social mediaprofiles (Matt,2011).

Internshipis one of the most effective ways of evaluating young prospectiveemployees based on their performance. Through the use of social mediaand IT applications, many companies are able to reach several youngpeople to sign them for internships. Based on their performance,human resource managers have been able to rank them and select themost effective (Clark &amp Roberts, 2010). However, the use ofsocial media presents a dilemma to some management over itapplication in the human resource function. This the admission of newemployees on internship based on their social profiles ande-recruitment channels may mislead the management in selecting themost ethical interns (Ashman &amp Winstanley, 2006). Therefore, somemanagers may prefer the conventional internship modes.

Inconclusion, it is evident that the world of human resource managementhas been influenced by developments in IT and social media. Inparticular, the hiring process, business channels, advertisements,e-recruitment and internship functions. These functions have beenenhanced for the better despite having challenges that presentdilemma for the management to consider the conventional methods ofmanaging.


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