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Quantum Non-Locality



Quantummechanics is one of the fields of study that resulted in conceptsrefuting the basic notions of classical mechanics. Quantumnon-locality refers to the ability of a given photon that is measuredto instantly determine the state of its conjoined photon at adistance that is arbitral (Klevgard, 2014). Quantum non-locality,therefore, encompass predictions measurement correlations of manysystems of quantum mechanics, which cannot be simulated by hiddenvariable hypothesis. The instantaneous aspect violates the limit ofthe speed of light, which is assumed by special relativity.Non-locality takes place because of entanglement, which particlesinteracting with each other become correlated permanently or rely onthe properties or state of each other.

Thereare two factors that make quantum non-locality weird. First, theconcept of quantum non-locality does not allow simultaneousdetermination of the position and momentum of a particle (Center forQuantum Technology, 2010). Under the Heisenberg principle ofuncertainty, the knowledge of one of the properties of the particleaffects the accuracy with which one can know about the otherproperty.

Secondly,the concept of entanglement of the quantum non-locality makes itweird. This is because the entanglement of two quantum particlesenables them to achieve actions that appear as if they werecoordinated in ways that challenge the classical intuition ofparticles that are physically separated (Center for QuantumTechnology, 2010).

Althoughthe previous research works considered the concepts of uncertaintyand non-locality as separate, it is now known that the two phenomenaare intricately related to each other. The link between the twophenomena is quantitative where non-locality of the particles can bedetermined using the uncertainty principle. This helps in explaininghow distant particles coordinate with each other without sendinginformation.


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