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Psychology Part A





Fromthe analysis of “a beautiful mind”, it is apparent that Nash isdiagnosed to have paranoid schizophrenia. This is supported by Nashbecoming increasingly paranoid and behaving erratically after beingfollowed by the Russians and exchange of gunfire (Howard, 2001).Besides, Nash is convinced to have auditory hallucinations.


Aperspective of mental illness that best explains the development ofNash’s symptoms is paranoid. Nash becomes paranoid such that hecommences to behave strange, which gives a symptom for mental illness(Howard, 2001). This is supported by Nash viewing psychiatricofficials as soviet kidnappers. Besides, this can be supported byNash deeming that the soviets were attempting to extract informationfrom him.


Thetreatment received by Nash entails insulin shock therapy. One of thegrounds why I would recommend a different treatment is due to thetreatment’s adverse effects the drugs affect the intellectualcapacity of Nash. Besides, the treatment affects his relationshipwith the wife.



Afactor that prevented good guards from objecting orders from toughguards was because they also wanted the prisoners to conform to therules of the prison life. In case the good guards objected the ordersof the strict guards, prisoners would not identify with the rules.


Thereason why prisoners attempt to work within the arbitrary prisonsystem in effecting a change in it rather than dismantling the systemvia outside help is because their grievances can be best presentedand listened to through such an arbitrary system.


Factorsthat would lead to prisoners attributing guard’s brutality toguard’s disposition or character are arbitrary control andprivilege. Guards can opt to arbitrary control prisoners, or evenoffer privileges to prisoners.


Itwas ethical conducting this study because it helped in understandingthe treatments of prisoners and the environment that they live in.Besides, through the study, the life in prison can be improved.


Howard,R. (2001). ABeautiful Mind.