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Process of Job Analysis


Processof Job Analysis

Theachievement of optimum performance necessitates the comprehension andmatching up of job requirements and the individuals working on them.This comprehension necessitates job analysis, which involvesobtaining detailed job information such as the requirements of a jobso as to offer essential knowledge for the varied HR activities.

Injob analysis, an individual would take into consideration the task,duties and responsibilities pertaining to the job. These are theobservable actions incorporated in particular jobs, with theirdescription including job title, a concise description of the task,duties and responsibilities in the tasks, as well as a list of thecrucial duties alongside the detailed specifications of tasks thatare involved in undertaking each duty (Noe et al, 2011). Allorganizations should follow this particular format, althoughorganizations may customize certain aspects depending on their needs.This would allow organizations to make consistent decisionspertaining to issues such as promotions and pays, as well as fairhuman resource decisions.

KSAOs(Knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics), on theother hand, are involved in outlining the job specifications, whichexamines the requirements or qualities that the individual carryingout the job must have. Knowledge encompasses the procedural orfactual information required for successful performance of tasks,while skills underline the proficiency levels of an individual in theperformance of particular tasks. Ability underlines the enduringcapacity of an individual, while other characteristics may encompasspersonality traits that allow for enhanced performance of tasks (Noeet al, 2011). These may include the motivation of an individual toachieve or perform optimally, passion, and persistence, among othercharacteristics. However, KSAOs and TDRs are similar in the fact thattheir information may emanate from the individuals undertaking thetasks, job analysts, or individuals planning and supervising thejobs.


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