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Outline World War II

Outline:World War II

TheWorld War II was the most severe, most extensive, and the one mostwidely referred in the modern times. It involved more than thirtynations, and 100 million people, and led to death of more than 50million people. Lasting between 1939 and 1945, this war changed thestatus of the world economically, socially and politically, and hasheld lasting impacts to date. This research will explore the causes,mechanism and results of World War II for the nations of the worldtoday


Thecause of World War II is diverse and involved multiple nations’interests, many political organizations’ influence, as well asindividual interests. One of the leading sources, and perhaps themost instrumental, was the rise to power of the Nazi leader AdolfHitler, as well as his subsequent efforts to made an Aryan racesupremacy territory spanning the whole world, and to ethnicallycleanse the world of all Jews, Homosexuals and the handicapped. Othercontributing factors include tension between US and Japan, as well asconflicts involving the European and Asian countries. The researchwill focus on the ideal and philosophical causes of World War II.


Themajority of the super powers today participated in the World War IIin varying extents and at different stages. Most of the Europeannations were directly involved, mainly in resisting the invasion andadvance of Nazi Germany, and later in supporting the Allied forces.The US, Japan, and several other countries joined the war only tosupport different sides, but were not directly invaded or affected.This portion will explore the war in terms of participants, resourcemobilization, costs and losses.


Thewar led to numerous countries becoming economically crippled, newalignments- both political and economic-formed, and financialramifications introduced for Germany.


WorldWar II is a very important event historically, and has implicationsthat should guide the decisions of all nations today, as well as abank of knowledge for policy developers and diplomats. It has farreaching effects today, which will last many centuries to come.