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Major battles




Thecivil war had various battles however, the following three battleswee prominent. To start with, there was the Bull Run battle or whatis largely called the Manassas battle. The battle was fought on the21stJuly, 1861 (Lossing, 1912). It was named Manassas after the town ofManassas, which was nearby. The Bull Run was thought by the north andthe south to bring an end to the civil war. However, it was to takethree faces until 1862. When the troops fast crashed, the Union’sarmy seemed to have won, but they later retreated in confusion toWashington (Faragher etal, 2009). The battle had the effect of givingthe south a reason to rejoice and gave them a false sense ofsecurity. On the other hand, the North had realized that the war wasgoing to be a long one.

OnApril 6thand 7th1862, a major battle in the American civil war took place. The twobattle days have largely been regarded as the bloodiest days in thehistory of the American civil war. This battle was referred to us theShiloh. The battle took place near the Tennessee River. The battleoccurred when the Union troops, under the command of Gen. Ulysses S.Grant were ambushed by the confederate troops who were thought tohave retreated over twenty miles away (Lossing, 1912)A huge battleensued and the confederate troops could not subdue. They pushed theUnion troops up to the river, until they were reinforced by 25,000troops (Faragher etal, 2009). The battle had a huge impact on theconfederate troops who were unable to resist the Union troops fromadvancing to west. The confederate troops also lost heavily includingthe death of Johnston.

TheAntietam battle was a main battle in the civil war. The battleoccurred on the September 17th,1862. The battle took place at the little creek of Antietam inMaryland. The battle ended the presumed victory of the confederacy(Lossing, 1912). The confederacy troops were defeated in this battleand they retreated. As a result, they gave President Lincoln anopportunity to announce the emancipation proclamation (Faragher etal,2009). Therefore, the Antietam battle was regarded as one of the mainbattles of the civil war due to the impact it had on the blackpeople.


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