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Illegal immigrants are unauthorized and foreign born individuals who

Illegalimmigrants are unauthorized and foreign born individuals who enterand live in other countries illegally without inspection or stay pastlegally admitted dates. Globalization has contributed more to illegalmigration than witnessed in centuries before illegal Immigrationis both a cause and consequence of globalization (Lakeisha,2006).The sub-Saharan African countries, Latin Americans and Asiancountries contribute to majority of illegal immigrants in mostdeveloped states. In the United States for instance, recent statisticindicate that approximately 12 million people are illegal immigrants.

Debateon whether to provide illegal migrants with social services has forlong elicited great controversies among proponents of universal humanrights, Scholars, State government and intergovernmental agencies.Illegal immigrants are derided in most developed States as theycompete with local citizens on social services benefits. According tothe Uuniversalhuman right all individuals are universally entitled to humanityrights on equal basis within any given State regardless of theirresident legality and in assessing essential social services. ManyStates governments are therefore, faced with moral dilemma ofsafeguarding international human rights of illegal immigrants on onehand or denying illegal immigrants equality rights in socialservices.

Whilethere is contention over this issue, illegal immigrants should not beallowed to take social benefits.


Argumentsagainst Illegal immigrants getting social services benefits

Lakeisha,(2006), argues that illegalimmigrants and their families should not receive social services asthis overburdens country’s economy and the citizens who pay taxes.Providing illegal aliens with free social benefits sucks Statesfinancial resources at the expense of local residents some of whomdo not enjoy social benefits. While free social services are given,citizens are taxed more to cover for the social services given toaliens. Illegal immigrants are source of law breakers, gang crimes,cause overcrowding and littering. All these inconveniences requirethe government to use more financial resources and subsequentlytaxing residents more in order to maintain the status quo. ManyStates, like in the United States, use much money to cater for freeeducation and free health care services for the illegal aliens. Forinstance, over $70 billion dollars were used to cater for socialservices of the illegal immigrants in the United States in 2004(Lakeisha,2006).

Problemsin job market in many countries through out the world results frominflux of illegal immigrants within States. These often lead toincreased competition for skilled and non skilled jobs availabilitybetween the locals and illegal immigrants. The many inexperiencedimmigrants get paid through illegal contracts by unscrupulousbusiness owners thereby undermining government tax revenue collectionand planning for social services. As such if illegal immigrantsworkers fall ill their medical cost are covered through nationalhealthcare programs at the expense of local taxpayers’ efforts.Moreover, insurgent of illegal aliens hold down wage payments tolocals as a result of cheap labor offered by the immigrants. Thisdepresses wage earnings by local citizen workers. This cheap labor isexpensive to maintain and discriminates against locals (Lakeisha,2006).

Thecost of health care becomes expensive as a result of high influx ofillegal immigrants, who reap the benefits of free health careservices. Majority of illegal immigrants lack health insuranceschemes as they are not eligible for governments’ employment. Evenif they are employed most of these employers do not have healthinsurance programs for employees. In Such cases, illegal immigrantsare left to depend on governments national health care programs. Thiscontributes to increased healthcare costs and subsequently more taxesto localities. In the United States for instance, the problem ofbirth right citizenship has led to vast health care burden. Illegalimmigrants’ mothers cross borders to give birth in the UnitedStates which automatically guarantees the new born child citizenship.This creates States responsibility of covering extra medicalexpenditure to the alien mothers and upkeep welfare benefits to thefamily.

Inthe wake of national and international security concerns, Statesshould not entice illegal immigrants with social services. Whenundocumented immigrants have access to health facilities, educationand other public facilities in the host countries, this may exposelocal citizens to insecurity issues such as terrorism, inflow ofdrugs and other harmful weapons. Most of these illegal immigrants actas spies to external enemies who may use illegal immigrants to accesspertinent security information of host States. This makes hard forcountries to fight insecurity within and externally. Furthermore,illegal immigrants within States lower quality and standard of lifecitizens’ life criminal activities such as human trafficking, drugsmuggling, murder and other vices that threatens safety of localresidents (Lakeisha,2006).

Lakeisha,(2006),opines that, providing aliens with free social services only servesto encourage more illegal immigration and therefore, strictregulation should be adopted to cut down illegal immigration andensure order and prosperity in countries.


Regardlessof contention over this issue, illegal immigrants should not beallowed to take social benefits.Inmost cases, illegal immigrants’ pose great challenges on their hostcountries economic, security and health aspects. Illegalimmigrants and their families should not receive social services formany reasons Illegal immigrants’ overburdens country’s economyand the citizens who pay taxes. They contribute to problems of jobmarket in many countries by offering cheap labor that lead to jobcompetition and depressing wages. The cost of health care becomesexpensive as a result of high influx of illegal immigrants, whobenefits from free health care services. Illegal immigrantscontribute to national and international security concerns suchterrorism. In nut shell, free social services only serves to enticemore illegal immigrants.

Therefore,there is need for explicit and tough laws enforcement to limit andclose loopholes of illegal immigrants which can only be achieved byintergovernmental measures. According to Lakeisha,(2006), Strict border and internal regulations should be adopted byStates to fight insurgency of illegal immigrants.


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