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I Wish Yotube Video


IWish Yotube Video

IWish Yotube Video

Fromthe “I wish” lesson, different teaching skills and strategieswere observed. One of the teaching skills and strategies observedfrom the video was involving the learners the tutor involved thelearners through asking them questions, which they were required toprovide answers. Another teaching skill and strategy observed fromthe video was the use of practical examples. The tutor used real lifeexamples in trying to drive the concept of a wish. He used examplesthat learners could identify with in the class for instance, he usedhimself and some students in providing examples to the learners.

Besides,from the video, repetition emerged as another teaching skill andstrategy. The teacher emphasized on repetition during the lessonthis was evident throughout the class as the tutor told the learnersto repeat a sentence after him. Commending of learners was alsoobserved as a teaching skill and strategy used by the tutor. Thetutor commended students after providing an appropriate answer to thequestions that he asked. This was evident throughout the lesson. Onthe other hand, from the video, it was observed that the teacher gavethe learners an opportunity to do exercises after providing examples.This is critical in ensuring that the learners fully understand theconcept that the tutor is teaching. Therefore, giving exercisesemerged as a teaching skill and strategy used by the tutor.

Inaddition, another teaching skill and strategy that was evident fromthe video was discussion. The tutor grouped the learners in pairs inorder to discuss the issue that he was teaching in class. This wasvital in helping the learners fully understand the concept that thetutor was teaching. Furthermore, another teaching skill and strategyobserved from the video was emphasizing on the skill of copying. Thetutor told the learners to copy whatever he wrote on the white board.