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How Napster changed people’s way of using internet

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HowNapster changed people’s way of using internet

Heand other internet companies introduced peer to peer network (P2P).P2P greatly enhanced and changed the way people used the internet bycreating an environment where many users could share files includingfiles that had copyrights audio layer audio visual layer 3 (MP3)(Pieper14).

Youngpeople’s view on Internet

Youngpeople have values that are different from their elders. In mattersto do with morality and legality of downloading, the older peoplewere better than the young. The elder embraced leadership andauthority whereas the young were in matters to do with internet(Pieper17).

TraditionalBusiness Music models

  • Actors: Composers, Recording Company, artist, artist manager and concert organisers.

  • Activities: copyrights, performing rights, recording, distribution, promotion, and live performance.

RIAA’sreaction and the main problem to Napster

Recordingindustry of America settled laws suite withMP3.com as a result ofillegal distribution and sharing of materials without the consent ofthe owners. (Pieper).

Napster’seffect on Recording Industry

Musicno longer was a physical product that was made of plastic but anethereal aspect that could be stored and copied from hard drives atwill. In the same regard, music could be broadcasted with fewerinstances of web searching.

Musicianreaction and arguments to Napster

Atthe long run, the music owner complained since music is a form ofbusiness and by allowing limitless access the there are no returns.Dr. Dre, a concerned artiste, argued that music to him was a form ofbusiness and he was there to make money.

Metallicavs. Napster

MetallicaBand joined the other people involved to sue Napster for infringementof its copyrights. Metallica expressed its distaste publicly and thatwhy when the court ruled on their favour (Pieper20).

Factorsthat led to court imposing a temporary injunction on Sean Parker andNapster

Thetemporary injunction aimed to halt Napster’s operations pendinglawsuit landmark by music copyright association.

BertelsmannMedia Group position on Napster and model of music

BertelsmannMedia Group (BSM) did not support Napster and therefore they filed apetition against Napster for distributing copyrighted materialswithout the owner’s consent.

Finalcourt ruling on Napster

Thefinal ruling commanded the shutting down of all the swap shops in theinternet, where million people trade MP3 music (Pieper23).


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