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How Napster change the Internet Usage by people

HowNapster change the Internet Usage by people

Napsterwas a great influence of the way internet was used. For example, heintroduced network software together with other network companies toshare files even those that had copyrights (Marshall12).

Theinternet views of young people compared to the elder and leadership

Olderpeople view internet in terms of ethics and legality of downloading.In the same regard, the young people see internet as a source ofentertainment whereas the older embrace leadership (Marshall16).

Traditionalbusiness models for the music industry

  • Activities: copyrights, performing rights, recording, distribution, promotion, and live performance.

  • Actors: Composers, Recording Company, artist, artist manager and concert organisers.

RIAA’sreaction to Napster, what was the main problem

RIAAfiled a law suit against MP3.com for sharing and distributing filesto consumers over the internet without permission from the producersand the music owners.

Napster’seffect on the Record Industry

Theaspects of copying music even the copyrighted one did not auger wellsince music could be broadcasted and accessed with minima web search.The effect was negative since the record industry depended on themusic sales. Sony, Bertelsmann Music group (BMG), Warner Brothersmusic and other recording labels were negatively affected (Marshall21).

Musicianreaction and arguments to Napster

Themusic industry was negatively affected, for instance, most musicianswho are known and those not known use music as a means of livelihood.On artist by the name of Dr Dre expressed his feelings by statingthat music was another form of business since he depended on.

7.Metallica vs. Napster

Metallicasued Napster as a result of people swapped Metallica songs freelyusing Napster program. This had an impact on his CD sales. The courtruled in favour of them.

Factorsled the court to impose a temporary injunction on Napster and SeanParker leaving the company

Thecourt offered a temporary order to stop Napster and Sean parker’sas the case that was presented by the music copyright was pending.

(BertelsmannMedia Group) position on Napster and the Music Industry businessmodel

ThomasMiddeloff did not support Napster. In fact, he filled a law suitagainst MP3.com for sharing materials over the internet without theconsent of the owners.

Whatwas the final court ruling on Napster?

Thecourt did not favour Napster and it therefore commanded the shuttingdown of the swap online music shops that allow trading of small filesof music called MP3.


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