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Drugs, Society and Behavior


Drugs,Society and Behavior


Drugs,Society and Behavior

Manyyouths in our modern world are involved in drug use abuse. There arevarious contributions to this aspect and as a result proper measuresneeds to be taken to avert any more abuse of drugs by youths. Thereare exceptions of youths who indulge in this practice simply becausethey lack activities to do. Through, there are lots of internalpressures and stresses or frustration emerges and due to currentsociety devoid of guidance and counseling in times of challenges,these youths engage in drug use to seasonally solve their problems(Gossop, 2000). The government lack job opportunities for youths.

Younggeneration is endowed with a lot of energy and is always agitating tobe successful in their life. Their inability to meet their objectivesleads to a lot of frustrations and psychological problems (Hart &ampKsir, 2013). They look for opportunities to better their life butcan’t find. The opportunities may include casual labor ingardening, education, playing voluntary work for little payment oremployed in white collar job. The persistence leads to search ofrelief materials to avert more psychological stress. The first optionyouths run into is the drugs. Some opt to commit suicide. Drugsmainly alcohol, bhang and cocaine are frequently misused since theyoffer relief to the psychological problems or make them forgetproblems (Isralowitz, 2011). However, this is for a very short timeand again will revert to usage once the effects have evaded. This isrepeated consequently not taking into consideration the effects onhealth (Hart &amp Ksir, 2013). In addition, to damage on health,many have resorted to crimes and heinous activities in the societylike forced robbery, rape, carjacking, murder and abduction, thiscauses the disarray and deterioration of security in the community.

Inconclusion, the government with various stakeholders in the communityor society should develop a system of enhancing youth access to botheducation and job opportunities. Youths should be incorporated insolving their problems and made to point out the problems affectingthem. This has to be solved and parents should play a pertinent rolein protecting and guiding their youths.


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