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Description of Marble statue of Aphrodite Module


Descriptionof Marble statue of Aphrodite


The artwork known as “Marble statue of Aphrodite” is a copy ofthe statue of the Greek goddess of love, desire and beauty,Aphrodite. The statue is estimated to have been made in the 1stor 2nd cetury A.D. during the imperial era. Although theartist of this particular artwork is unknown, there are many similarstatues of a nude Aphrodite all over the world all of which copy theoriginal Aphrodite statue of the 2nd or 3rdcentury AD. The statue which stands on a pedestal measures 158.8 cmin height inclusive of the pedestal.

The artwork is made of stone which gives it a very smooth and softtexture. It depicts a nude woman who has no arms which appear brokenway above the elbows and also has a worn out nose. The woman iswearing a corona which elevates has as a goddess. Her sexuality isheightened by the full breasts, flat tummy and no pubic hair. Behindthe woman at her feet is a vessel. The artwork achieves dimension anddepth by making the vessel appear darker than Aphrodite herself. Thestatue is white in color though the lower limbs around and below theknees appear stained. Straight lines have been used to show deptharound the pubic area. Curved lines on the neck and the outline ofthe hips, and breasts have been used to capture sexuality.

The artwork shares some common aspects with gothic art. These are thedetachment from back wall, interest in vertical details as opposed tohorizontal and a naturalistic style. The current artwork placesdetails on the body of Aphrodite and does not provide much horizontaldetail of her environment. The artwork captures nature by presentingAphrodite in the nude same as a human at birth. Furthermore, thestatus is life-size. Gothic art was also characterized by life-sizestatues in churches and tomb effigies.