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Case Study Missed Opportunities

CaseStudy: Missed Opportunities


CaseStudy: Missed Opportunities

Examinethe pros and cons from the perspective of Crestview Hospital of theplacement of its new billboard directly adjacent to Briarwood MedicalCenter.

Itis without doubt that marketing play a significant role in attractingclients. Failure to market a product or service will eventually havean impact to the growth of a company. In the case of CrestviewHospital, placing a billboard adjusted to their main competitor willmean bringing new business. This is attributed by the fact that, thebillboard is well placed on a busy street and to the BriarwoodMedical Center where lots of patients comes to seek free medical. Itis worth noting that any ill person will definitely want to get thebest medical care in order to be cured fast. The tag line applied inthis billboard, “The Best Medical Care in Oakland” will createinquisitiveness to many customer who would like to get medical carefrom Crestview Hospital. In addition, not all patients like freemedical since they possess medical cover that pays hospital bills.Therefore, they will be attracted by Crestview Hospital advert, andgo there to seek for quality health care regardless of their price.

Onother hand, placing an outstanding billboard next to BriarwoodMedical Center doesn’t mean will win customers’ copious. Briarwood Medical Center is a nonprofit and is winder in size whencompared to their close competitor Crestview Hospital. This isclearly portrayed by the size of bed, where Briarwood Medical Centerhas 550 while Crestview Hospital has 475. Additionally, BriarwoodMedical Center has been in the market for 75 years while CrestviewHospital has only 20 years. Therefore, this shows that BriarwoodMedical Center has positioned itself well in the market, and itsreputation speaks for itself. So, it will be very hard for CrestviewHospital to break this reputation through advertisement. Many peoplewill review the history of the two hospitals, and Briarwood MedicalCenter will obviously carry the day. Also, not all patients arecovered with health insurance and can afford expensive medical care,thus they will snub Crestview Hospital and go for free medical carethat is offered by Briarwood Medical Center.

Interpretthe reaction of customers and other community stakeholders to thebillboard postings.

CrestviewHospital has the right to post its ads anywhere as long as they arenot violating the law. However, a lot of stakeholders may view thisas backstabbing since the ad is placed next to Briarwood MedicalCenter. To hit the nail on the head, the management of BriarwoodMedical Center and staff will always be irritated by this ad as longas it stays there. Customers will be enthusiastic to visit the ‘Best’medical care and compare the difference between the two rivals.

Usecompetitive marketing entry strategies to suggest the action thatBriarwood Hospital should undertake to counter the messages in thenew Crestview Hospital Billboard postings.

Itis worth noting that, the damage caused by Crestview Hospitalbillboard postings will be hardly felt by Briarwood Hospital. Asnoted by Kotlerand Gary (1991), the initial entrant in the market have a hugeadvantage over the new entrants. This is a result of sustainablemarket-share during the monopoly episode. However, new entrant canstill manoeuvre in already taped market by positioning themselveswith distinct marketing techniques. In most cases, when pioneersreach incumbent status, they become powerful. At times, however,pioneers become complacent or they find themselves in a positionwhere they cannot meet the increasing demand. Thus, new entrants maytake advantage of these weaknesses, and exploit it to their advantageover aging pioneers.

BriarwoodHospital has failed to anticipate the potential of its competitors,and this can be observed through their growth rate. Moreover, themarketing team brawl will make the hospital demand to decrease, andthe impact will act as a setback to the entire hospital. To tacklethe problem, the board of directors should evaluate the cause of theproblem, and come to a conclusion of firing Michael Anderson. As longas Anderson is there, he will not cooperate with Susan when it comesto the best marketing strategies to use.

Anothereffective technique they ought to undertake is to improve theirservices, and then advertise it through television which has abroader coverage when compared with a billboard (Kotler,2000).This means that they will be in a position to retain the existingcustomers and attract new ones.

Recommendthe marketing communication strategy or strategies that bothCrestview and Briarwood Hospitals should employ.

AccordingtoPride&amp Ferrell (2008), marketing strategies or communication is veryvital in creating brand awareness, thus clients can have advanceknowledge about the services or products. Briarwood Hospitals canemploy marketing communication to retain its customers while on otherhand Crestview can employ the same technique to win new clients. Someof the techniques are:


Lotsof companies relies their focus by building relationships with theircustomers. However, this practice doesn’t pay off compared when toloyalty. If a customer loves your services, they will definitely comeback and refer their friends to you. As a result, customers’network will keep on expanding through loyalty and good services.

Wordof Mouth Marketing

Oralcommunication with the customers is very significant (Jauhari &ampDutta, 2009). Customers are very much delighted to share theirexperience with others. This will enable the company to grow morerapidly thought this tradition method.

DiversityMarketingDoyle(1998) note that,itis very important to understand distinct clients, their beliefs,culture, tastes, expectations and needs in order to deliver theirdesires. By doing this, a company will be in a good position ofcustomizing it market plan to a given clients.

Justifywhy the Governing Board of both hospitals should take a proactiverole in promoting and implementing effective marketing strategies.

Itis only through effective promotion and marking strategies that acompany would experience growth. Failure to promote and market yourservices, it will result to a growth decline or even worst situationdecline of the company.

Assessthe value of the various marketing research tool(s) that Briarwoodand Crestview hospital could use to promote effective marketingcommunication strategies. Justify your response.

Theyshould evaluate the surrounding environment, and research what healthproblems are facing the peoples. For example, if people are sufferingfrom malaria, they ought to provide mosquito net to prevent thediseases or anti malaria vaccines. Through such campaign, they willmanage to advertise themselves, and eventually have a wide customerbase.


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