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Blogging as a social action Response

Bloggingas a social action Response

Thearticle, “Blogging as Social Action: A Genre Analysis of the Webloghas raised some critical issues regarding the privacy of weblogs(Miller 1). It outlines a sample of writers who have had a badexperience after posting contentious issues. The most amazing issueis that limited technology skills always uncover controversialinformation concerning them. This amazes me whether weblogs arepersonal platforms.

Inmy opinion, the term “personal blog” is misleading because itdoes not imply that other people cannot access a website. Instead,the name implies that all the information in the blog comes from asingle source. On the same note, some bloggers assume that they cancriticize people who are not technology savvy. Unfortunately, thiscould be the worst blunder because bloggers are interconnected. Inaddition, it seems that people are turning to blogging as a way ofexpressing their inner feelings (Blood 4). It seems that evensecurity organs have realized that blogs can be a serious securitythreat. This explains the reason why several bloggers are impoundedin case they make comments about a subject that may insinuate thepossibility of committing crime (Blood 9).

Thereasons people read and write blogs remain unclear up to date. However, I feel that several bloggers are motivated by their desireto become famous. As a result, everyone looks for a given niche,whether entertaining or informative, and then ensures to createcustomized information to suit the target audience. For example,teenagers frequent blogs that concentrate on jokes and love affairs. On the other hand, entrepreneurs often visit blogs that areconcentrating on investment issues.

Incase you still assume that blogs are still personal platforms, Icontend this assumption because almost everyone with basic computerskills can access blogs. Since the invention of optimized browsers,an individual can locate several weblogs based on their topic ofinterest by just typing the request on the browser. As long as a blogis available online, locating blogs is not as challenging as it usedto be in 1990s, when the web technology was still in its infancystages. Advanced features such as bookmarking, backlinking andkeyword optimization are other reasons that make it impossible forweblogs to remain personal platforms as people can randomly accessthe addresses in spite of having little or no computer skills.


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