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Whatwould you do if you were mayor of the city of Newark, NJ for a day?

Theprivilege of being a mayor of one of the greatest cities does notonly come with power, but also with responsibility to serve thepeople and make their lives better. Given the opportunity to be mayorof Newark city for a day, there are various issues I would seek tofix. It is evident that the people of Newark city are divided amongstraces and ethnicity. However much we try to hind it, it is evidentthat there is division between the black Americans and the Latinocommunity. Although the city has largely been viewed as developed, mygreatest mission would be to unite the people of Newark city. It isimminent that development cannot take place without unity and peace(Haddon 6). Although currently there is no hostile animosity betweenpeople of different races, it is evident that with time the hostilitymay erode our peace. Therefore, given an opportunity to serve asmayor of Newark city for a day, I would seek to serve all peopleequally and foster unity regardless of race, gender, religion orethnicity.

Inline with my vision for development for Newark city, I would seek tofight and end crime in the city. It is evident that the crime rate inNewark city has risen exponentially in the recent past. This hashindered the development of the city pushed away numerousphilanthropists who would have wished to invest in the great city.For instance, carjacking has become rampant in the city owing to theproximity of the city to ports where the stolen cars are moved toforeign markets. I would also work hand in hand with the securityagencies and governor to enhance security of the city (Haddon 8). Myaim as a mayor would be to reduce or if possible end the robberies,rapes, burglaries and break-ins. It is clear that when crime ratesare low, there are great potentials for investment and development.The reduction of the crime rates would also ensure that the city isstops being branded as one of inhabitable cities.

However,it is imperative for me to point out that the above things which Iwould love to do as chief executive of Newark city cannot be achievedwithout cooperation. As a consequence, I would collaborate with theoffice of the Governor to secure more funding for the developmentprojects for the city. I would also establish a communication commandbetween my office and that of the police general to curb crime.

IfI would get a chance to be Mayor of Newark for a day, unemploymentwould be a key item in my mind. It is evident that the unemploymentrate at Newark still stands at above 14%. This has largelycontributed to the problem of insecurity and crime. I would seek toattract investors, who would provide employment opportunities to theyoung unemployed and learnt youths (Haddon 10). The attraction ofinvestors would largely be done through advertising and marketing thecity through the media and the internet.

Althoughthe opportunity of being a mayor of Newark city for day may not besufficient to solve all the problems facing the city, it is evidentthat I would do as much. The development of the city, reduction ofcrime, fostering unity and attracting investors are just some of thethings I would start with as the Mayor. Although some of these maynot be achieved in a day, it is imperative to point out that thiswould form a start of transforming the city.


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