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Argumentativeessay on gun control

Thedebate on gun control has been on the headlines in the Americannewspapers for years. Whereas a majority of the people argues thatrevolvers are critical for personal security, an equal number citethe damage caused by these weapons and argue that they should bebanned. Ranging from school shootings, to criminal activities andsuicide, pistols have caused immense damage, not only to individuals,but to the country as a whole.

Inthe recent past in the United States, there have been experiencedshootings in schools where students carry guns to school. Whereassuch weapons are meant to be kept away from the students by theirparents, they expose the weapons to them. Numerous school goingchildren have been killed when these shootings occur. The most recentevent is when a boy shot a girl at Ambler School in February 2014(Pilkington 6). This is a clear indication of how guns are misused bystudents or learners. These school shootings have not only occurredin primary schools, but also in secondary schools and universities.The reason why the school shootings trend is worrying is because ofthe statistics being presented. Since the Newton shooting in 2012when over 20 children were killed, there have been about 44 shootingsin schools (Pilkington 9). This calls for an immediate of guns toavoid such incidents. It is imperative to note that such shootingshave also proved extremely expensive to the government.

Anotherkey reason why the guns should be banned in the United States is formisuse they are subjected to. It is clear to every American that gunsare used for criminal activities by the same people to whom they aresupposed to protect. In other words, more often than not, the gunsfall in the wrong hands and are used to commit crime. The number ofdeaths caused by private owned guns is astonishing. Since the 9/11bombing, there have been 20 deaths related to terror, whereas therehas been over 300,000 deaths caused by privately owned guns (Porter7). This is a clear indication of how guns are misused for purposesof crime. It is worth noting that besides the numerous lives lostthrough gunshot related crimes the government loses billions ofdollars annually treating gunshot wounds. The availability of gunsfreely has also enhanced the rates of suicides in American soil.Numerous cases of suicide are reported on daily bases in the UnitedStates. The government incurs huge amounts of money treating such gunwounds (Porter 8).

Whereasguns are said to be essential for fostering security, areas termed asgun free have not witnessed any exceptional crime rate (Kristof 8).Interesting though is the fact that the crime rates gun free areasare similar to crime cases in areas where people own guns privately.The shootings witnessed in the recent past can be attributed to freeavailability of guns as opposed to the existence of gun free zones(Kristof 3). It is responsibility of the government to ensure that itoffers security to its people, and not leave dangerous weapons in thehands of citizens, which might later be misused. The existence ofthese gun free states is a clear indication that guns are notnecessary amongst the citizens and that their existence are a dangerto the entire population.

Inconclusion, the destruction, death and agony that guns have broughtto the people of America are enough. It is high time legislation isproposed to ban the private small arms. It is evident that Americahas lost too many of its children in the hands of private guns.Action must be taken as soon as possible to ban private firearms.


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