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Answer 3 questions


Answer3 questions

Answer3 questions

Whatare the different ways in which men and women interact with eachother? Where do these differences come from?

Theinteraction between men and women appears in different ways. Whereasmen engage in antisocial behavior, women are known to foster socialbehavior. Mean are also said to have a dominant character whileinteracting with others. Mean are also said to be more directive andfocused on the task at hand. Women on the other hand are said to besupportive and cooperative. This is a clear indication that there isa myriad of difference in the way men and women interact. It is alsoapparent that men are more vocal in large groups while women areactive in small groups. The difference in interaction is firstbrought about by the task involved in the context. For instance, ifthe task involved is masculine, men will tend to have an upper hand.It is vital to point out that different sexes will show differentlevels of confidence in providing information and guidance, which isdependent on the task at hand. The difference in interaction amongstmen and women is also determined by the sex of the person beinginteracted with (Helgeson,2012).It is clear from the reading that research indicated that womenshowed more positive social behavior while interacting with otherwomen. On the other hand, men showed more masculine behavior such asdominance and disagreements when placed together with other men.

Whatis the PRIMARY reason that women are more easily influenced than men?

Womenare more influenced than men for the primary reason that they have afeminine trait of agreeing with other people, which men do not have.People who tend to agree to certain issues are influenced easily thanthe ones who tend to show disagreement. It is also apparent thatwomen are faced with numerous situations that demand theirinvolvement hence they find themselves agreeing with certain demands.This agreement leads to influence. This influence can also beattributed to the fact that women are said to be supportive andcooperative and hence would subdue to disagreements from their mencounterparts. In other words, women would be more comfortablesupporting what men might be saying or disagreeing about (Helgeson,2012).They feel comfortable when they show their support for others.

Aremen or women better leaders? Identify one moderator. Use a Man inthis question

Menare viewed as better leaders than women. Various studies carried outindicated that women were less likely than men to take up leadershippositions. However, it is vital to point out that the leadership rolelargely depends on the task involved. For instance, mean are likelyto be chosen as leaders when the task involved was leadership.Equally, it was apparent that men were more likely than women toappear as leaders when the task involved was not mentioned. Inaddition, it is critical to point out that women were likely to bechosen as leaders when the task involved needed social leadership.Mean are viewed as leaders due to their trait of dominance, which isassociated with leadership. The length of interaction in a group wasalso cited as a factor that dictates men as leaders over women. Aless than 20 minutes interactions resulted in men being regarded asleaders over women. One key reason to note as to why women are saidto be poor leaders is the fact that their gender traits conflict withthe leadership characteristics (Helgeson,2012).For instance, women lack the dominance trait, which is vital for aleader.


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