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Nice ‘n Friendly Car Wash & More

Every guy who loves his car, will be washing it at least once a week, usually over the weekend or at the last rush-hour moment on a Monday morning before heading into the peak hour traffic.

Why does he put off this vital exercise to the last moment? Well, for one thing, if you’re wanting to wash your pride and joy good and regular, you’d better be prepared to do a proper job. Make sure that car gleams and shines, all nicely polished and buffed. But this may also be why guys put off giving their best beloved it’s necessary TLC, as in tender love and care.

It’s a real schlepp washing your own car. Not to say you don’t like the job, it’s just that, whew, it’s really quite tough. After a long, hard week at the office or on the factory floor, you’ve hardly got enough elbow grease left over. And then there’s this. The longer you keep the old girl, the better the chance that she’s going to start coughing and spluttering. Guys, you really don’t need this in your life, and there’s really not much you can do when it happens.

car wash repair services

Because you’re no grease monkey, trade papers and all. Okay, time to take things real nice ‘n easy. No need to stress. A question then. Wouldn’t it be a real charm if you could send your old girl over for the full car wash repair services jobs all rolled in one. As a first time exercise, you take in your best beloved to the one stop and everything shop and have her treated for a real good working over.

By the time you’ve got her back all shining like, you’ll notice she’s purring like a cat, even her oil’s been cleaned.